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MediaWiki 1.28.x End of Life

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From Chad Horohoe on MediaWiki-announce:



It's November 2017, which means that the 1.28.x branch of MediaWiki has reached the end of its life. Lets wish it the best as it moves off to the great big code repository in the sky. All users are encouraged to upgrade to 1.29.x which is the latest stable branch.

Note: 1.30.0 should be out by the end of the month, we've already branched and are working on making sure the release is ready-to-go :)



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Apparently I was pretty grumpy about this e-mail. The last release was made in April with 15+ backports sitting there unreleased. So perhaps we will be getting a 1.28.3 (T179780).

This comment does not mean that people should not migrate to newer and supported versions of MediaWiki, i.e. 1.29.x however there may be some people wanting to wait for 1.30.x which should officially come to live this month.

More backports will definitively not be done to the 1.28 branch and this is fine.

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Yeah, your grumpy email made all the difference :P

There will be a 1.28.3, released later today. However unless we somehow massively screw it up, it will be the last 1.28.x so people are encouraged to move to a newer branch.

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