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  2. Tables & Templates

    Very new to wiki 'stuff' and I hope this is the right place to ask: I'm trying to create a template for tables, and a template for rows. Here's what I have so far: {{Template:Table |class=wikitable|sortable=sortable|collapsible=mw-collapsible|collapsed=mw-collapsed|style_center="text-align: center;" |caption_style="text-align: left; width: 200px"|caption=Table 1 |header1=My Header1|header2=My Header2|header3=My Header3|header4=My Header4 }} Template:Table {| class="{{{class}}} {{{sortable}}} {{{collapsible}}} {{{collapsed}}}" style={{{style_center}}} |+style={{{caption_style}}}|{{{caption}}} ! scope="col" | {{{header1}}} !! scope="col" | {{{header2}}} !! scope="col" | {{{header3}}} !! scope="col" | {{{header4}}} |- |{{Template:Table_Row| cell_value1 = Row 1 Cell 1}} |} Template:Table_Row {| |data-sort-value="{{{cell_value1}}}"|[[{{{cell_value1}}}]] |} The template for the table works fine, well what I see is what i expected to see. It's getting the rows added to the table that causing the frustration. It could be that I am way off and making this much more difficult than it needs to be! Eventually I want to be able to create a table with a variable number of rows...but just trying to get even basics to work. Thanks very much in advance!
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  4. AutoCategoriseUploads

    Version 1.0.0


    This extension automatically adds categories to new file uploads based on keyword metadata found in the file. The following metadata types are supported: XMP (many file types, including JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.) ITCP (JPG) ID3 (MP3) Categories are added to new uploads only (that is, uploads where a file description page does not already exist). This lets editors modify the categories without needing to worry about new versions of the file overwriting their changes. Any form of uploading is supported, whether that is via Special:Upload, the UploadWizard extension, uploading files via the API, or maintenance scripts to bulk-upload files. For installation instructions, please see the documentation page on MediaWiki.org. It is recommended that you "Follow" this download so that you can be notified automatically whenever there are updates. For support, please post a new topic on the forums. Free support is provided on a best-effort basis. Commercial support for this extension is available by purchasing a MediaWiki Support Subscription.


  5. Démarche LUAsandbox

    Hi! i need compiled LUASandBox for php7.1.9 on windows to install on mediawiki, someone have it to share?
  6. Cannot find MediaWiki 1.3.0 RPM

    MediaWiki is not officially distributed via RPM. A number of RPMs have been created as unofficial community efforts, but due to the nature of this they often lag behind official releases. It is not recommended that you install MediaWiki via RPM, and instead download the tarball from the MediaWiki website and install it that way. If you want to create your own RPM, you'll need a fair bit of knowledge both in how RPMs are packaged as well as knowledge of how to install MediaWiki from the command line (CLI) by using the install.php maintenance script. I cannot provide much in the way of guidance in this matter as I don't have any experience in packaging RPMs. A second side-note regarding version numbering: don't treat the dot as a decimal point, but rather as a separator. MediaWiki versioning follows the standard of major.minor.patch. The version 1.3.0 is therefore major version 1, minor version 3, and patch version 0. 1.3.0 is ancient and no longer developed (and would be difficult to obtain). The most recent stable version of MediaWiki is 1.30.0, or major version 1, minor version 30, and patch version 0. 1.30.0 is 27 versions newer than 1.3.0.
  7. I've been looking for the MediaWiki 1.3.0 RPM. I cannot find it anywhere online. Do you have a copy of this RPM to distribute? Else, do You have the instructions on how to create RPM?
  8. I've now gotten around this by taking all code out of Common.js and using other methods instead.
  9. I've reduced Common.js to the bare minimum, which passes a JS validator, but the code still isn't being loaded. (The validator complained about the <script> tags so I took them out but I've tried both with and without and neither way works.) $wgUseSiteJS = true; Any ideas?
  10. Common.js problem -- script missing

    Your Common.js page has syntax errors, which is why nothing is running. The Common.js page is for js only, whereas you put HTML into that page.
  11. Trying to get statistics page tracking working on a new wiki: https://cardanowiki.info The first stats service tried (Statcounter Free) is working fine, using a script on MediaWiki:Common.js However, we'd prefer to use a different one: Matomo (was called Piwik). There was a problem with the MW extension so we switched to the alternative method of putting a script on Common.js But no stats are being recorded. So I look at the page source coming back to the browser and, though I can see the Statcounter script, there is no sign of the Matomo one. I tried swapping the order of the scripts but that made no difference. Any suggestions?
  12. Editing the Index page

    Do not edit any of the .php files that MediaWiki ships with. If you want to edit the content of your wiki pages, make use of the "Edit" tab while logged into your wiki. If you want to implement custom code, write or install an extension. In any case, never edit the core .php files -- doing so will make future upgrades incredibly difficult as any custom modifications to core .php files are completely lost on upgrades and need to be reapplied (unlike extensions, which stick around). Furthermore, the core code changes in structure a lot between versions, and unless you're keeping up with MediaWiki development, your custom hack that works in one version may not work in the next one without significant rewrites.
  13. Editing the Index page

    Hi! I am trying to edit code on the home page. The code on the page says (with "enable edit") that the code is on the index.php page, as you would expect. But when I open the page in an editor (I tried Sublime and Komodo), I get a page that does not have much code but instead has this written at the top. This is the main web entry point for MediaWiki. * * If you are reading this in your web browser, your server is probably * not configured correctly to run PHP applications! * * See the README, INSTALL, and UPGRADE files for basic setup instructions * and pointers to the online documentation. I have read the readme, install, and upgrades files, and searched around in databases, but I can't figure out how to get to the code that apparently is on this page. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, -Carey Later Addition to this question/ post: As I keep digging into this, I have a suspicion that I have been sent in the wrong direction with the statement "your server is probably not configured to correctly run PHP applications", as the message says. I suspect that the real issue is that the code for the Index page (and likely most of the pages) is WRAPPED/protected and therefore not able to be directly edited in any way, no matter what I do or how I configure my server. I suspect that the only way to "edit" these pages is to add on script that can be read along with the wrapped code, and the media-wiki community calls these add-on codes "applications", which explains why everything has to be done with applications that someone else has pre-created or you create yourself instead of just messing with the page code. IS THIS ACCURATE? Thanks, -Carey
  14. Thanks a lot for your answer. I will try your suggestion and revert with the result. Kind regards, Christophe
  15. Allow user to Input a variable in an inputbox

    This is unfortunately not possible with just the Inputbox extension. You may be able to make use of the Page Forms extension for this purpose (it's part of Semantic MediaWiki but can be installed standalone if you don't want all of SMW installed). However, I've never actually tried it out myself so I cannot say for certain whether or not it will work. You can grab the extension at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Page_Forms
  16. I had a wiki working six months ago but before I had it backupped I had a hardware malfunction and had to start over again. Ever since I have tried to get infobox working. I would like it to look like this: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Wales but it looks like this: http://www.skutan.com/wiki/index.php/Testedvin What am I missing? Is it a missing .css? I have googled a lot so any help would be much appreciated.
  17. Hello, I installed MediaWiki 1.29.1 with the Variables and ExternalData extensions. I created pages in which a predefined variable in the body of the page calls external data from a csv file filtered on this variable and returning a table with all the results. I would now like to leave the choice of this variable to the user. It seems that the Inputbox does not allow to assign user's input to a variable. I would not want this entry to create a new page nor a section but serve as a filter to my external data called in the table in the same page / section. I would like to avoid having to install Semantic Mediawiki which seems to provide this possibility. Can someone help me to this point on which I have been blocking for several days. Thank you in advance. Christophe, from Paris.
  18. Sorting navigational templates

    The only use of sortkey I know of is to impact how pages are displayed when viewing a Category page directly. If you have some navigational templates with a "sortkey" parameter, you'll need to link to those templates so we can look at the source and give tips/suggestions. Otherwise, can you please clarify what you are intending to do?
  19. Out of curiosity, is there a way to use the sortkey option specifically for changing the order of navigational templates?
  20. I have enabled uploading templates to share with other wiki users. To get there, click on "Downloads" in the top navigation bar and then "Submit a file" If you have any feedback or suggestions for the template repository, please let me know.
  21. DeleteUserPages

    Version 1.0.0


    This extension lets users delete their own user pages and user talk pages. Two permissions are added (by default not granted to anyone) which control whether or not one can delete their own user page or their own subpages. This extension does not allow users to delete pages that are not their user page or subpages of their user page. The user does not need to be the author of the page to delete it, and can only delete if they would otherwise be allowed to edit that page. For installation instructions, please see the documentation page on MediaWiki.org. For support, please post a new topic on the forums. Free support is provided on a best-effort basis. Commercial support for this extension is available by purchasing a MediaWiki Support Subscription.


  22. enable only some users to translate

    You need to change the user rights assignment for the translate right. At the moment, it seems that either '*' or 'user' (all users or logged in users) are given the translate right, and you should change that to a specific user group, such as making a new Translators group. See here for a sample configuration which adds a new translate group (which you can then assign to users you want to be able to translate via Special:UserRights)
  23. I am creating media wiki page and content of that is training. So I put the text of training in there. And I want that to be translated in 14 languages. But I want to enable translation only to the people I will accept (people inside my organization) Now I protected the pages and nobody can edit (only me or other administrators) but everybody can translate even if not logged in. Please help me how I can change that. thanks
  24. Mediawiki Upload Error

    Fix the this error myself. Permission has also been changed for subfolders.
  25. Mediawiki Upload Error

    When I upload the files in my mediawiki, but it said "Exception encountered, of type "LocalFileLockError"". I change the images's permission to 777, but it continues to occur. What can I do?
  26. Top & Left Menus move to content area on certain pages.

    Hey Skizzerz, Tidy seems to have fixed the issue! Thanks for your help!
  27. A broken layout like that is usually caused by you either having extra open tags or extra closed tag (like you have a <div> but no corresponding </div>, or you have an extra </div> without the associated <div> earlier on). Doesn't have to be div, could be any block-level tag such as <table> too. If you're copying templates from Wikipedia, you're going to need a handful of settings and extensions installed in order to make them work correctly. Click the links in each point for more info. Ensure that Tidy is enabled: $wgTidyConfig. My recommendation is to use the first example on that page under the Examples heading; it will require that the tidy PHP extension (not MediaWiki extension) is installed on your server. If Tidy is not enabled, broken layouts like the above can happen due to how the wikitext parser operates differently when not using Tidy, even if there is no actual issue with your wikitext. Ensure that you have installed the following MediaWiki extensions: ParserFunctions and Scribunto
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