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  2. Xanax is an alprazolam drug that assists a person in the treatment of anxiety disorder and depression problems. This drug provides calming effects to a person in such problematic conditions. It is also known as a benzodiazepine medication that works like a CNS depressant. People may also Buy Xanax online for seizure prevention. Why do people prefer Xanax medication? Xanax is a widely used drug for Anxiety disorder treatment in a person. The drug which is recommended by a lot of doctors is taken for the best treatment of anxiety and as a last resort for anxiety and depression treatment. Xanax is also available in more than one forms that become more convenient for people to take the drug. The drug comes in the form of pills, tablets, and liquid. How to plan your dosage of Xanax medication? Xanax drug is available in the forms of Xanax 0.25 mg, Xanax 0.5 mg, Xanax 1 mg, and Xanax 2 mg. All of these doses depend on the condition of a person. If you are having a normal problem of anxiety disorder, then you should start your medication with Xanax 0.25 mg.
  3. I want to insert templates on bottom of every pages. However, I would like to exclude some pages. For example, document Front Page. What should I do?
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  5. Hi All, As I am not able to add a user true the spcialpages from my wiki, is it possible to do so using SQL instructions. I have access to all the tables on the server. If possible how should the SQL command look like. Regards Harry H. Arends
  6. Hi all, At the moment my wiki is on version 1.30 and I would like to upgrade to the latst stable version 1.37. As I am ponly able to upgrade the files true FTP should I take care of anything special?? Regards Harry H.
  7. When a user clicks on 'Special pages' -> 'Categories' a page opens with a list of Categories in use. So far so good. But when a user clicks on a Category link on this page a new page is opened with this link https://<hostname>/index.php?title=Category:<Category>&action=edit&redlink=1 Instead of displaying a page with links to all documents using the selected Category a new page is created and ready to b edited. When I remove '&action=edit' from the link above I get the expected result. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Group/Team, For several years now I have a Wiki that can befound here: http://www.mat54-wiki.nl/mat54/index.php?title=Speciaal:Softwareversie But after a migration of the website to a other server, none of the users(including myself ) cannot login anymore. Could it be that the user table is corrupt and there a way to create a empty user table wiht a single default admin account. Best regards, Harry H. Arends www.mat54-wiki.nl
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  10. Hi there, I finally found some guidance using a template and breakdown at the post located here; https://stackoverflow.com/a/48122703 That got me going enough to where things made sense for me to feel my way around it. Only thing I couldn't seem to figure out was how to make the person's age automatically update when it's their birthday. I'm not sure what it is with support communities and infoboxes. No one wants to touch it with a 20-foot pole. I either got the runaround or no response at all everywhere I asked. I hope this gets you going in the right direction, Friend.
  11. Hi mate I'm new to this as well. Did you ever figure it out or find a good place to ask. This forum doesn't seem to active?
  12. Hello. I created a wiki to post information for a game I'm developing. I created the page so that it would be ready for when the game's information was ready for upload. I checked on it the other day and found that it had been vandalized. I thought I set it so that people could not edit pages, but apparently I messed that up. How would I go about nuking the whole site and protecting it so only I can edit it now? I installed a nuke extension, and some spam filters, but I can't figure out how to use the nuke function. I am not a coder or programmer so I thank you all in advance for any help you can give me and for you patience with my ignorance.
  13. Hi. How can I restrict an image tagged with |left, to just the paragraph it sits in. For example, on my page, the image moves everything, including the next title, to it's right. I want the "Terminator Skins" section to start under the image. For reference, this page can be found at https://alienshooter.org/Terminator
  14. Hello dear friends! I have been trying for a long time without success to work with a model screen 4 "TFT SPI 480X320 V1.0 This screen also has a socket for the SD card and a parallel SPI connection I can not activate the screen with a touch called from a memory card when All connected in parallel together I connect on board UNO pin 13 CLK to T_CLK and SD_SLK all together, I connect MISO to pin 12 in UNO together with SD_MISO I connect MOSI to pin 11 in UNO together with SD_MOSI For each CS (CHIP CELECT) I give a pin (LCD_CS for pin A5 in UNO, T_CD for pin 2 in UNO, SD_CS for pin 7 in UNO) In SETUP I set each pin in digitalWrite (HIGH) Unfortunately, I can not get a response from touch and can not get a MAP of an image from an SD card Is it not possible to connect to a parallel SPI connection with this monitor? Or is it? Thanks in advance for your help,
  15. for some odd reason, MobileFrontend isn't displaying my main page correctly. all level 0 headers are displaying as non-toggling, non-collapsible textual headers. this makes it difficult to read the text normally displayed on the page... i have MFCollapseSectionsByDefault set true. level 0 headers display on all other pages just fine, are displayed collapsed by default, and can be toggled correctly. if i set MFSpecialCaseMainPage, the main page does display the text -- in its entirety --, but the level 0 headers still don't display collapsed on load. [in fact they still aren't collapsible at all.] this behaviour is consistent across multiple browsers ; both safari and firefox won't display the page correctly. i've been trying to figure this out for a few days now, no joy. can anyone help ?
  16. Can you provide the full error message? It should tell you why it's unable to delete that directory. If it's a permissions issue, you'll need to ensure that composer is running under the correct account name. Your host should be able to assist you with determining that.
  17. hello, i'm trying to run composer but every time i run a composer command i get the following error: [RuntimeException] Could not delete /home/lapluma/laplumaazul.tk-web/htdocs/wiki/vendor/compos er /: I am trying to make composer work on a shared host and I am executing its commands by ssh but when running the update script <code>php composer.phar update --no-dev</code> it gives me the error above, exist any the solution for this? I have tried to manually delete the composer folder and its contents and it keeps marking the same thing.
  18. So figured out my problem. I had to flush the cache on the web hosting service. Just in case anyone else is as nooby as me, I'll leave this here.
  19. Hi all. I'm very new to this, just joined the forums to have a look for an answer and didn't find anything so shall ask. I've got Media Wiki installed on my web hosting service (they support it so you can just click a button to install). I was trying to change the logo and followed the Media Wiki wiki. Unfortunately, I had typed in the image name wrong (typo) and got this error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/customer/www/mywebsitename.com/public_html/LocalSettings.php on line 142 So I tried several things without realising that it was a simple typo but nothing changed - I still got that error. I then thought I'd just delete the whole line and get it back to working, but it stayed there. There isn't even a line 142 anymore. So I deleted the app (ie Media Wiki) and started again so the LocalSettings.php would reset to the default one. The error is still there and the home page (which was loading originally) now only displays that same error. When editing the LocalSettings.php I am using the inbuilt editor from my web hosting service. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks.
  20. This can be achieved via the preloading feature, see https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Creating_pages_with_preloaded_text That link also has some extensions that can automatically insert the preload text when trying to create a new page.
  21. It should be safe to ignore those errors. If you are not planning on developing MediaWiki, it would be best to suppress those by turning error_reporting off in your php.ini
  22. I need to update this https://wiki.freecadweb.org/VRML_Preparation_for_Robot_Simulation/fr But I don't know how to do this, If someone could help me
  23. Could a kind soul offer a how-to (for dummies) on how to get infoboxes setup and configured on a brand new Mediawiki installation? Version 1.36.1, PHP 7.4. I feel like I can handle this with a more simplistic breakdown than the mediawiki/org tutorial. Any other attempts I've found by people to offer a kinder step-by-step are outdated. Would be much appreciated.
  24. Hello! I am trying to set up a default template for my wiki pages. I want that every time I create a new page, this template is displayed directly and I can then edit it and add more sections. My problem is that you can't edit templates in the article. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?
  25. Hi. We are making now the mods of some Polish wikis and we need volunteers who can help us to finish implemetations and fix some technical problems with several scripts errors, site personalisation and visibility of some pages. You can see our work on http://wedapedia.pl (mod of Polish Wikipedia). We want to build effective team and develop our wikis without cenzorship and political impact what makes place in Poland. We want to create real free, independent and reliable wikis. Who wanna join us and start new challenge in the wiki world? For fixing most important scripts problems we can pay little bit gratifications up 100-200$.
  26. I have a Mediawiki page with over 100 links (web pages). Out of that, about 7 of the links (web pages) are highlighted in "red color" and when I hover over those 7 links, I get message (Page does not exist). And indeed no content is found on these pages. I have imported the database from previous version of wiki (and imported images) and all the other webpages show content but these 7 webpages show "Page Does not exist" and highlighted in red color. I have the following settings: $wgMainCacheType = CACHE_NONE; $wgMemCachedServers = []; I am using in Windows server: MediaWiki 1.35.2 Apache 2.4.47 Win64 from Xampp mysql-8.0.23-winx64 (MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server) PHP 7.4.3 I have successfully inported the database, images, ran "update.php" and all the other web pages and images correctly show. The 7 web pages do not have any content and highlighted in red. can you please suggest what might be the reason?
  27. I am trying to set up Mediawiki for a small business and they are needing to have the Visual Editor extension added. We are using TLS encryption for the site and I've noticed that after completing the Mediawiki installation there is no service for Parsoid or RestBase. I am able to get Visual Editor to work properly without using TLS but I wanted to know is there something that is supposed to be done to initialize the services if using TLS? I am using Mediawiki 1.35.2.
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