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  2. You can define the MW_CONFIG_FILE constant somehow (such as via the auto_prepend_file php.ini setting) to be the absolute path to the settings file you wish to load. Note that this must be a path on your server's filesystem, not a URL.
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  4. the default is to read the localsettings.php from the mediawiki root. Is there a way to have Mediawiki read the localsettings.php from another location (URL) ?
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  6. Unfortunately, there is no way to accomplish this built into MediaWiki, and I do not see any extensions currently existing that perform this task.
  7. Lack of highlighting generally indicates that the call to pygments is failing for some reason or another. You may wish to temporarily enable debug logging to better understand why this is happening. Chances are the issue lies with your choice of OS: I believe that the extension only ships a linux binary of pygments, but not a mac binary. You may need to install pygments separately and point to it via $wgPygmentsPath.
  8. Is there any way that I can restrict multiple logins OR Terminate the previous session when a user logs in from another device or browser OR Notify the user that he has logged in from different device ?
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  10. The syntax highlight extension "SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi" is already pre-installed in the macOS MediaWiki App (I use Bitnami). This is great. I changed my "LocalSettings.php" file and added the line wfLoadExtension( 'SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi' ); After a restart of the services it works only partly. This means for example <syntaxhighlight lang="xml" line="1" style="border:3px dashed blue"> <dict> <key>Label</key> </dict> </syntaxhighlight> Shows the gray area and a dashed blue border. It does not colorize the code. Any clue what's wrong? What d
  11. (Moderation: moved to MediaWiki Support forum and removed personal details from message) The functionality you're after is achieved with the MultimediaViewer extension.
  12. I apologize that I do not even know how to ask my question. I am creating/coding a page in a wiki. I want to have a little snippet of text that when the user clicks on it, the page changes to display an image, also in the same wiki, just as a full page with black background with the image in the middle of the page, not the page that gives all the information about the image. I hope this makes sense. On the page that has all the information about the image there is text "Open in media viewer" which, if clicked, shows exactly what I want my user to be able directly to click to. Something like I
  13. Thank you for your response. I was able to find the error and could install the extensions. ConfirmEdit seems to be running good, I am not so sure about StopForumSpam. "Special:Version" tells me that it is installed but I didnt understand what to make with the following paragraph described at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:StopForumSpam: "Once you choose the list you want, download and extract it to somewhere on your server, then point $wgSFSIPListLocation in the LocalSettings.php file at it. We recommend setting up a nightly cron job to download and extract new versions of
  14. Hi, we are not mediawiki experts but generally experienced developers. We have to upgrade (ancestral) mediawiky from 1.27 version to the 1.35 one. The former installation uses SSO based on the AuthPlugin extension. In the new (upgraded to 1.35) installation we have already working LDAP authentication based on LDAPProvider (e.t.c.) extension and we really appreciate any idea how to implement the SSO too. Thanks in advance for your reply. Igor
  15. Blank page indicates a PHP error: see here for how to diagnose it: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Common_errors_and_symptoms#You_see_a_Blank_Page I note that your wiki is currently running 1.31.0 which has known security vulnerabilities. You should ensure you always keep MediaWiki up-to-date. Right now, that means upgrading to one of the following versions: 1.31.12 LTS (EOL June 2021) 1.35.1 LTS (EOL September 2023)
  16. We have set-up a MediaWiki for a non-profit project in research but we lack the expertise to protect the site against Spam. When I realised how much stuff is already there, I was really shocked and found a lot of information here. So I thought it should be pretty easy to protect the Wiki, but when I wanted to activate the extension StopForumSpam for example, the wiki would not load anymore and just give a blank page. I have changed the "cache-type" to "$wgMainCacheType = CACHE_DB;" and also tried it on another mock page. It would not work. I am also not able to activate other extensions s
  17. Our wiki is not exposed to the Internet. I think I'm just going to try and upgrade (for now) the Apache 2.4.x to 2.4.46 with the yum package manager. Thanks much for the links - the version lifecycle and the compatibility page. Thanks a lot for your insight and help Skizzerz. Makes me feel better it might actually work ! :)
  18. MediaWiki 1.30 went end of life a year and a half ago (June 2019), and is no longer receiving any security or maintenance updates. You should definitely upgrade that wiki if it is exposed to the internet in any fashion. See Version lifecycle for more information on MediaWiki EOL dates. For PHP and MySQL versions, check the Compatibility page The general recommendation is to install the dependencies (apache, PHP, mysql) via your distribution's package manager and then keep them updated via said package manager on a regular basis. MediaWiki remains compatible with the older versions pr
  19. Thanks Skizzerz. We're on Mediawiki 1.30. And don't know what the intra-version dependencies are between MySql, PHP and Mediawiki are. But thanks for your feedback.
  20. If you're already on Apache 2.4.x, upgrading it to a later version of 2.4.x shouldn't introduce any issues with upstream applications. There should be nothing you need to do for your wiki, just upgrade apache. (that said, you should also endeavor to keep the rest of your tech stack up to date, which means updating mysql, mediawiki, your server's kernel, etc. as things come in)
  21. We've been asked to upgrade Mediawiki's Apache 2.4.x to 2.4.46 due to vulnerabilities. Is it possible to upgrade Apache like that ? Or do we just upgrade Mediawiki ? Not sure what the lift factor is for that though. Thanks, Chris
  22. Thanks for your time, I'll do some more in-depth research!
  23. Check Special:Version on the wiki to see if they have any extensions that seem related to the feature in question, and then searching mediawiki.org about it is your best bet. There's no one answer that will 100% work for any arbitrary feature. For things that appear in the page itself, editing/viewing the source of the page may help as well (you may need to go through some nested template rabbit holes first though)
  24. Thanks @Skizzerz ! I have use this function as an example but my main preocupation is: If I find a functionality, have I a solution to find out how it's done/set up?
  25. That isn't an extension, it's built into MediaWiki. See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Collapsible_elements for more details on how to use it.
  26. Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to find out which extension is use for a specific thing. I have naviguate a lot on wikipedia and sometimes I found some functionality that I would like to implement on my mediawiki. For exemple in : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivalité_entre_l'Angleterre_et_l'Argentine_en_football#Articles_connexes I would like to know what extension is use to make the display/hide of the green block. If you have an idea or solutions, it could be really helpfull. Thanks by advance.
  27. Javascript is fine. THis is for my own personal use so anything that xnapp can support works fine. I will go and try this out right now. Thank you so much for the information. Update: DUDE! That would be PERFECT! Thank you so much. Update 2: Tried to use it. It didn't work. No nested menus.
  28. The solution depends on your specific requirements (e.g. does it need to work without JavaScript?), but you might be interested in the MonobookSidebar JavaScript (live example on Halopedia), which is used to implement a nested navigation menu on the MonoBook skin, similar to the menu found in the Monaco and Nimbus skins. The source code, including the menu items' definitions, can be found on Halopedia's MediaWiki:Monobook.js page and the styles are naturally found on the MediaWiki:Monobook.css page (look for the comment "/*** Monobook Sidebar ***/"). The gradient image that the CSS code refers
  29. As the error message says, you should use the variable called $wgLocalInterwikis (plural) instead of $wgLocalInterwiki (singular). You will most likely find the offending line of code in your wiki's settings file, LocalSettings.php. Additionally, if and when you're seeing that (and/or similar notices) on top of your pages, you should verify that your LocalSettings.php file does not contain a line like ini_set( 'display_errors', 1 ); or ini_set( 'display_errors', true ); anywhere. That's what is enabling the displaying of PHP notices, warnings, errors, etc. and it is not recommended to sho
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