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  3. Was gonna say, because I definitely remember (delete-usersubpages) being able to do something that (delete-rootuserpages) couldn't do.
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  5. Weird, I thought that (delete-usersubpages) could be used to delete the page [[User:Username]] as well. So is this what you're saying? (delete-rootuserpages) = Lets you delete [[User:Username]] but not [[User:Username/subpage 1]] (delete-usersubpages) = Lets you delete [[User:Username/subpage 1]] but not [[User:Username]] Or can (delete-rootuserpages) do what (delete-usersubpages) can do as well?
  6. While MediaWiki could be used for all of those things (although you'd need to likely create some custom extensions for your use cases), it is definitely not designed or intended to be any of those things. MediaWiki is best used for a collaborative environment where users can work together on creating pages/articles for some purpose. It has been used for encyclopedias, documentation, guides, how-tos, and knowledgebases. Others use it as a general-purpose content management system, although that sort of setup requires a lot of effort. See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Deciding_
  7. Wiki pages are not files; they are not stored on a filesystem anywhere (which is what makes something a "file"). Pages are stored in the database, so filesystem concepts like extensions do not apply to them.
  8. You can run MediaWiki on anything so long as you can run a web server, PHP, and a database server on it. Most people run it on linux, but there's quite a few that run on windows as well. See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Installation_requirements for more details.
  9. delete-rootuserpages lets you delete the page [[User:Username]], whereas delete-usersubpages only lets you delete e.g. [[User:Username/subpage 1]], [[User:Username/subpage 2]], etc. If you have the delete permission, you are correct in that you don't need either of the other two.
  10. Why the site traffic is so little in this site?
  11. Hi I am a new user I am Learning WikiCodes.
  12. Hellow I am new to this forum. Wish you all the best. ❤️
  13. Is it possible to use MediaWiki software Offline, such as for the following purpose? 1. As a Document editor such as like Microsoft Office package. 2. As an MCQ Quiz or flashcard app 3. To write books, with chapters, bookmarks, page number links etc.
  14. Do we have an Instant chat room? like the Wikipedia IRC Chat? A problem with IRC chat that I cannot get chat transcripts later on. It would be nice if there are a live chat room.
  15. Wikipedia pages look much like an Word document. Can I call them "FILE" just like a .DOCX file or .PDF file or .HTML file? What is the extension name of these Files?
  16. Does it runs on Windows 7? Or it needs Linux to work?
  17. I was wondering whether the (delete-rootuserpages) permission was needed to perform certain functions if the user already has (delete-usersubpages). I know that as long as the user has the (delete) permission, they do not need to have either permission. Lately I created a test group on a site and assigned the (delete-rootuserpages) and (delete-usersubpages) permissions separately. I've been able to find things that the (delete-usersubpages) permission can do that the (delete-rootuserpages) permission can't do. But I haven't been able to find things that the (delete-rootuserpages) permissi
  18. hexmode


    Had to update it to use the non-"UA-####-##" ids, but it works great so far!
  19. Just a general advisory about my experiences with a Chinese-supplied SCSI2SD V5.0a Open-Source based adapter and the official Codesrc firmware releases and Windows Utility. 1) the supplied hardware was a V5.0a PCB. 2) eventually (more on that later) it was found to have V4.4 firmware resident. 3) Trying to query/update the hardware+firmware via WinXP Pro SP3 and a USB 1.1 port on a laptop+dock was an utter impossibility, and the program would not even close down "normally" (clicked the X box, hit Alt+F4 etc. etc.) and required Task Manager to kill it. It ended up with the log showin
  20. Hi, I'm trying to use dumpgenerator.py from https://github.com/WikiTeam/wikiteam/ . Executing python dumpgenerator.py --api=http://<mywiki>/api.php --xml --images failed with I saw that the code was passing meta=siteinfo|userinfo|userinfo I realized that it did not like userinfo, so I tweaked the code to not pass that parameter. But then I ran into: I know my wiki is ancient. Is there an mwclient version I can use for my 1.10 version mediawiki that would work with dumpgenerator?
  21. I'm not familiar with that extension or how it operates, but I can give some insight into MediaWiki's permissions model in a nutshell: Various actions within the wiki are restricted to users who possess certain permissions. Permissions are granted to or revoked from groups. A user belongs to one or more groups. If any of the groups a user belongs to is granted the permission and none of the groups a user belongs to has revoked the permission, the user is allowed to perform that action. The ability to revoke permissions is probably used in less than 1% of wikis and
  22. There's a couple of extensions that can do stuff like that, FlaggedRevs is probably the most popular one of the bunch: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:FlaggedRevs It's rather heavyweight and difficult to configure, however, so you may instead be more interested in the alternatives. They're linked in the "See Also" section at the bottom of that page.
  23. is it possible to have 1 group that imports multipul group permissions for example: Sales_Manager = Sales_M & Sales Sales_Dept = Sales so that everyone in sales department group has read access to all the documentation they need. but the Sales managers have this access plus edit permissions and also access to aditional documentation I am using the extension "Restrict access by category and group" to group pages by categories and makingthem private. BUT i have to edit each user 1 by 1 and add them to all the corosponding categories. at the mome
  24. Hello everyone, is it possible to integrate a verification instance into the MediaWiki? I would like my employees to be able to create and edit articles, but before the final publication, I would like me or my deputy to agree to the changes. Is that possible? Thanks for the answers
  25. Fixed it on my own by setting $wgMainCacheType = CACHE_NONE.
  26. I have installed MediaWiki 1.31.7 via Raspbian package, and am serving it on an SSL web site, but I am getting the following error when trying to log in as a user: There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Please resubmit the form. Package: mediawiki Version: 1:1.31.7-1~deb10u1
  27. A blank white page indicates a PHP error. This manual goes into a bit more depth on how to view and diagnose those errors. By default, sensitive actions on the wiki break out of frames (such as editing, registering for a new account, updating your preferences, etc.). You will need to configure $wgEditPageFrameOptions if you wish for your framed version of MediaWiki to allow such actions while still being inside of a frame.
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