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  2. Javascript is fine. THis is for my own personal use so anything that xnapp can support works fine. I will go and try this out right now. Thank you so much for the information. Update: DUDE! That would be PERFECT! Thank you so much. Update 2: Tried to use it. It didn't work. No nested menus.
  3. The solution depends on your specific requirements (e.g. does it need to work without JavaScript?), but you might be interested in the MonobookSidebar JavaScript (live example on Halopedia), which is used to implement a nested navigation menu on the MonoBook skin, similar to the menu found in the Monaco and Nimbus skins. The source code, including the menu items' definitions, can be found on Halopedia's MediaWiki:Monobook.js page and the styles are naturally found on the MediaWiki:Monobook.css page (look for the comment "/*** Monobook Sidebar ***/"). The gradient image that the CSS code refers
  4. As the error message says, you should use the variable called $wgLocalInterwikis (plural) instead of $wgLocalInterwiki (singular). You will most likely find the offending line of code in your wiki's settings file, LocalSettings.php. Additionally, if and when you're seeing that (and/or similar notices) on top of your pages, you should verify that your LocalSettings.php file does not contain a line like ini_set( 'display_errors', 1 ); or ini_set( 'display_errors', true ); anywhere. That's what is enabling the displaying of PHP notices, warnings, errors, etc. and it is not recommended to sho
  5. Tables don't really support this feature. Given that you are displaying a grid of images, you should actually be looking into making a gallery, which is responsive by default.
  6. On CentOS, you would use the yum/dnf package manager (depending on what version of CentOS you have installed) to install the dependencies that MediaWiki needs, such as your webserver, database server, and PHP. A more step-by-step guide is available at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Running_MediaWiki_on_Red_Hat_Linux, but I have not checked it over for accuracy. It appears reasonably up-to-date however.
  7. I've tried to clone a MediaWiki to a new sub-domain to get some updates there. So I can delete the old Wiki afterwards. I've made a backup and created the wiki clone on the new sub-domain. I copied the skins and images as well, and the local settings also. The Database is also connected. But everytime I try to load or open the Website I get the error message HTTP error 500 or No rights 403.
  8. I just started the project of installing MediaWiki on CentOS Linux System. I installed XAMPP but had no idea what the next step should be. I was able to run XAMPP and direct to localhost/dashboard to create a database and setup mediawiki instance on my own computer but while on CentOS server, I don't know how to do everything on the terminal. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  10. when I create a table in mediawiki like this one, When i create a table like this in mediawiki it works very well. However, I don't understand how this table can be redesigned to be responsive. If you go to a smaller screen, I want the 4th column to be placed one after the other under the 3rd, then under the 2nd and so on. Is there somebody who can help me? {| class="wikitable" style="float:left; width:100%; " |- ! colspan="5" style="background-color:#dec1af;"| Links und Partner |- | [[Datei:test1.jpg|center|130px|link=https://www.test1.de/]] | [[Datei:test2.jpg|cente
  11. I'm trying to create drop down navigation to various sections of my wiki (it's privately hosted) like you see at the top of the star wars fandom site (https://starwars.fandom.com/f). Where it has "The Mandalorian" and when you mouse over it drops down to a season menu, and so on.
  12. I'm trying to create drop down navigation to various sections of my wiki (it's privately hosted) like you see at the top of the star wars fandom site (https://starwars.fandom.com/f). Where it has "The Mandalorian" and when you mouse over it drops down to a season menu, and so on.
  13. You need to login to the API first (generally this is done by using a bot password generated at Special:BotPasswords). You will need to ensure the bot password used has the appropriate scopes to do whatever you want it to do (such as edit pages). The login API will attempt to set some cookies. You are required to save these cookies in your python script and present them to all future API requests, so it can pull up your logged-in session.
  14. I'm trying to write a python script to use the "pfautoedit" API call to update a number of pages in our wiki. I'm able to connect to the wiki fine, but the calls to pfautoedit are returning a perplexing message: "message": "The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: <a href=\"/mediawiki/index.php/TDS-Mediawiki:Users\" title=\"TDS-Mediawiki:Users\">Users</a>." In short, it seems to complaining that the auth'd user (me) is not a member of the Users group. Everyone is a member of this group, and for my own credentials, I have all rights assigned. I don't
  15. Oh. It looks like, only "Google Chrome" has this Problem. On Firefox "no weird symbols". Hmm. strange
  16. Hello, i have installed a fresh Mediawiki on my Webserver. (1.35.1) After Installation (without any plugins) i get only smybols on my main page. (See Picture attached) Not able doing anything. Any Idea or solution? Linux Debian 10 (buster) Apache/2.4.38 (Debian) PHP v7.3.19-1~deb10u1
  17. My children are my world 

  18. Actually I did some fiddling around and what I did was I created a reference group for all my sources and put the notes under the default group and then used a reference function inside the tag function to direct you first to the footnotes and then to the sources. This makes it so that sources are called [source 1], [source 2], etc. and that notes are just [1], [2], etc., but this should suffice. Thanks!
  19. Hi thanks for all the help, but I didn't quite specify what I was wanting. So I have two groups of references in my document, the first are normal and the second is for contextual footnotes. I want the primary footnote to go into the contextual footnotes section and the secondary footnote to go into the normal section. Is that possible?
  20. You need to use the #tag parser function, see https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Magic_words#Miscellaneous for more information on that. <ref> does not allow embedding any wiki markup inside of it, but {{#tag:ref}} does Example (untested, may require modification to work): {{#tag:ref|Contents of the primary footnote/reference goes here.{{#tag:ref|Secondary footnote/reference goes here|name=secondary}}|name=primary}} This example is the equivalent of the following. Note the following markup does not work, this is meant to just give a better visualization of what the above tex
  21. I was wondering how I would be able to put a citation within a citation. What I want to do is add a footnote which adds contextual information to something on my wiki and then there is a source for that contextual information. I was using a <ref> function inside a <ref> function and it didn't seem to work. Is it possible to do this or is there a better way to do what I'm trying to do? Thanks!
  22. how to connect the mediawiki service with the triple store virtuoso openlinkuniversal server I have an owl ontology that I would like to import into mediawiki. thank you
  23. I have two subobjects in one page: {{#subobject:: |Label= Test |Text= test |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} {{#subobject:: |Label= Test |Text= test |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} And this query in another {{#ask:[[Label::+]] |?Label |?Text |format=datatables }} I followed the instructions here for installing Semantic Result Formats, which supports datatables, but it can't get show datatables to show up. How can I fix this?
  24. This is my query: {{#ask: [[Label::Test]] |?Label |?Text }} and these are two subobject on the same page {{#subobject:: |Label= Test |Text= text |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} {{#subobject:: |Label= Test2 |Text= text2 |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} The query would show both subobjects, Is there any way to make a query show only subobjects that have a specific label (In this case 'Text')?
  25. Not sure about the 2nd one but as you may know Wikipedia is an encyclopedia made up of different pages. Mediawiki is the underlying software, and is a very basic text editor. You can create different pages that link to each other, or even link to specific sections (headings). I don't know about the 2nd thing though, you should look at MW itself and see if you make it fit your needs, YMMV.
  26. MediaWiki is not yet compatible with PHP 8. Please downgrade XAMPP so that you have PHP 7 instead of PHP 8.
  27. Hello: I'm new to Mediawiki and I have the problem of wanting to upload a file it always sends me the alert that it already exists. A few days ago the option was showing the window where it showed the options "Overwrite", "Use" or "Rename". I understand that it is because of the "error_reporting" option in LocalSettings.php but I already tried with error_reporting (0); Could someone guide me a bit so that this functionality is correct Excellent day
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