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  1. I will surely check those out! And we can't afford to hire a developer for this, unfortunately. So we'll have to find a way to properly do this. I'll have to learn how to do it! There's no way around that!
  2. I've taken on a huge but quite fulfilling endeavour! I work as together with another buch of volunteers on a huge project. It's a tabletop fantasy RPG translation project. Within this project we have a huge glossary in a spreadsheet. This glossary is beginning to be really tough to work with, as we have about 10.000 items by now. What do I want to do? Create a typical MediaWiki page on our server. We'll use the MediaWiki first of all as a real Wiki (with some limitations) but also as a CMS for the entire site. We'll want to load the Spreadsheet - as
  3. Hi guys! We have a wiki with a lot of pages, but we want to completely reset and empty it, in order to start from scratch. Is there a way to do this?
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