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  1. Hello, thanks, but unfortunately this won't work for me - directly in the Moderation extension author discourages of this use, this scenario is listed as non-recommended use, the reasons why it is so are quite understandable for me and I fully agree with them. And the ArticleProtection does not define any person that is approving the changes - there is only an owner which can grant edit rights, but the editor can edit and publish everything without any validation, moreover this extension is a beta with long time without any updates.
  2. Hello, I would like to use a Wiki for an internal documentation, but I am missing any kind of responsibility for the correctness of information that is present in the Wiki. As the planned documentation will be quite big, there will be several people which should be responsible for some parts of the documentation. But I would like to keep the possibility of "public" edits as someone can have better idea how to document some specific part of it. However there must still be some person, who is responsible that the overall information is valid and correct. Is there any possibility how to set up some page owner, I mean some kind of manager or moderator of that page? It should be some person that is responsible for that page (or set of pages), it is informed about any change and it is responsible that the information on that page is correct. Very nice would be if the updated part of the page is visible to public and only marked as unconfirmed (e.g. the paragraph will contain some css attribute) until this page owner confirms it.
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