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  1. was born in Fort Worth, TX at the age of 6 I relocated to Abilene, TX. I am very interested in the opportunity to work with new clients dealing with the supernatural industry and demonic entities, molevolent spirits of any kind and angry molevolent spirits. I've been married for 14 hrs. I am a truck driver and operated for the USPS location in Abilene, TX. I love my job at the USPS and I am very good at it as well. I am the Founder/Owner of Hurley paranormal investigators and extensive research Services since 2007. 13-14 years of experience in the paranormal industry with a variety of knowledge and experience in providing professional guidance and assistance with the paranormal or supernatural s

    Activities that I've found that most of the world's population are not necessary good with dealing with the supernatural industry and demonic entities in their own ways. I'm sure that we will be able to help out anyone who has been able to contact me or emailing me with a request for an interview along with the investigation of the entire property. I personally guarantee that I will be able to make a good difference in the life of my clients. So feel free to call me or email me or check out our website before you make any final decision about the investigation process and we will have a full report for any client on need of the help of Hurley paranormal investigators and extensive research Services. 


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