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  1. Found some Discussions touching this ideas over several years... but no definitive solution: Authored by Fixuture on Jun 21 2015, 10:44 PM "What links here" for article sections
  2. We maintain a MediaWiki space to support an Open Source program. Targeted support MediaWiki subsections are linked from the Help buttons within the program. Every time we rollover to a new software release, the features & interfaces change. We can't retroactively modify the links in the program ... so we rollover to new editions of the user manual pages & freeze the superseded pages. The big problem is that the Categories & Google search results withe superseded pages badly obscure our current content pages. (Worse, we have translated versions of each page in a multitude
  3. I've found documentation saying that the "What links here" Special pages are driven by records in the Pagelinks_table But how do I look at this table? I'm hoping to filter the data to show subsections link granularity. (We have a Glossary page so there are far too many page listed as linking to it.) The Documention page on the pagelinks table says what the table is, the format & how to regenerate it. But not how to access. Manual:Pagelinks_table Category:MediaWiki_database_tables
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