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  1. I created a wiki site using miraheze for a project with several independent groups who will create an individual wiki that I need to monitor the progress of. The problem I am facing is that group articles keep colliding with one another. So if group A makes a page called "Focus Group" then group B would have to make a differently named page or it would link back to group A page. Since each group will have over 100 articles this will become a nightmare for the 10+ groups to manage. I tried using namespaces, however, this did not accomplish my intended result as now a page would be "GroupA:Focus Group", "GroupB:Focus Group". I was hoping the namespaces would create more of a separate branch, so a link to "Focus Group" would go to the focus group page within the namespace. Apparently that is not the case (or I am doing something wrong). At this point it seems like the best solution would be to just create separate wikis for each of the groups, however, that will add a LOT of time to function as an admin for 10+ wiki pages independently. Is there a better solution???
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