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  1. Just a general advisory about my experiences with a Chinese-supplied SCSI2SD V5.0a Open-Source based adapter and the official Codesrc firmware releases and Windows Utility. 1) the supplied hardware was a V5.0a PCB. 2) eventually (more on that later) it was found to have V4.4 firmware resident. 3) Trying to query/update the hardware+firmware via WinXP Pro SP3 and a USB 1.1 port on a laptop+dock was an utter impossibility, and the program would not even close down "normally" (clicked the X box, hit Alt+F4 etc. etc.) and required Task Manager to kill it. It ended up with the log showing SCSI2SD device ready, but the main windows forever "Searching for SCSI2SD device". 4) successfully updated the firmware to V4.8.x (latest for V5.0a hardware) under Win7 SP1 x86 was smooth and uneventful (apart from a random USB device driver "failed" message for something that wasn't needed, obviously. That went by too fast!). 5) re-configured SCSI IDs/partitions and parameters for an older PS/2's BIOS limits (<1GB partitions) and SCSI adapter parameters. Job done, I hope. Keep well and safe. WBST
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