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  1. Was gonna say, because I definitely remember (delete-usersubpages) being able to do something that (delete-rootuserpages) couldn't do.
  2. Weird, I thought that (delete-usersubpages) could be used to delete the page [[User:Username]] as well. So is this what you're saying? (delete-rootuserpages) = Lets you delete [[User:Username]] but not [[User:Username/subpage 1]] (delete-usersubpages) = Lets you delete [[User:Username/subpage 1]] but not [[User:Username]] Or can (delete-rootuserpages) do what (delete-usersubpages) can do as well?
  3. I was wondering whether the (delete-rootuserpages) permission was needed to perform certain functions if the user already has (delete-usersubpages). I know that as long as the user has the (delete) permission, they do not need to have either permission. Lately I created a test group on a site and assigned the (delete-rootuserpages) and (delete-usersubpages) permissions separately. I've been able to find things that the (delete-usersubpages) permission can do that the (delete-rootuserpages) permission can't do. But I haven't been able to find things that the (delete-rootuserpages) permissi
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