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  1. Why the site traffic is so little in this site?
  2. Hi I am a new user I am Learning WikiCodes.
  3. Hellow I am new to this forum. Wish you all the best. ❤️
  4. Is it possible to use MediaWiki software Offline, such as for the following purpose? 1. As a Document editor such as like Microsoft Office package. 2. As an MCQ Quiz or flashcard app 3. To write books, with chapters, bookmarks, page number links etc.
  5. Do we have an Instant chat room? like the Wikipedia IRC Chat? A problem with IRC chat that I cannot get chat transcripts later on. It would be nice if there are a live chat room.
  6. Wikipedia pages look much like an Word document. Can I call them "FILE" just like a .DOCX file or .PDF file or .HTML file? What is the extension name of these Files?
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