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  1. Talking about goatification. Being a grumpy old goat obviously helps sometimes.
  2. kghbln

    Pretty URL Generator

    Somehow the link from "Click here ..." got stripped, so just click on the title to get it.
  3. Apparently I was pretty grumpy about this e-mail. The last release was made in April with 15+ backports sitting there unreleased. So perhaps we will be getting a 1.28.3 (T179780). This comment does not mean that people should not migrate to newer and supported versions of MediaWiki, i.e. 1.29.x however there may be some people wanting to wait for 1.30.x which should officially come to live this month. More backports will definitively not be done to the 1.28 branch and this is fine.
  4. This is just to note that there is a MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group which is dealing with third party usage of MediaWiki amongst other things. Related links: On Phabricator On MWStake.org On MediaWiki.org It may be a good idea to interact with this group, too.
  5. It is called "Invision Community" and regrettably not FOSS. See this post to "mediawiki-l".
  6. So this only happens on Main Page? The error console of the browser should tell you more details. Try to comment out the "$wgServer" configuration parameter and look where you go from there. Moreover is "$wgStylePath" pointing to where it should. "$wgResourceBasePath" may be a cause too.
  7. Well got a second e-mail telling me that my registration is complete. I guess everything is fine.
  8. Heiya, this is what I get when clicking on the registration link I received via e-mail. Cheers
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