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  1. I have two subobjects in one page: {{#subobject:: |Label= Test |Text= test |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} {{#subobject:: |Label= Test |Text= test |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} And this query in another {{#ask:[[Label::+]] |?Label |?Text |format=datatables }} I followed the instructions here for installing Semantic Result Formats, which supports datatables, but it can't get show datatables to show up. How can I fix this?
  2. This is my query: {{#ask: [[Label::Test]] |?Label |?Text }} and these are two subobject on the same page {{#subobject:: |Label= Test |Text= text |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} {{#subobject:: |Label= Test2 |Text= text2 |Date= Dec 4 2020 }} The query would show both subobjects, Is there any way to make a query show only subobjects that have a specific label (In this case 'Text')?
  3. Not sure about the 2nd one but as you may know Wikipedia is an encyclopedia made up of different pages. Mediawiki is the underlying software, and is a very basic text editor. You can create different pages that link to each other, or even link to specific sections (headings). I don't know about the 2nd thing though, you should look at MW itself and see if you make it fit your needs, YMMV.
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