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  1. Thank you for your response. I was able to find the error and could install the extensions. ConfirmEdit seems to be running good, I am not so sure about StopForumSpam. "Special:Version" tells me that it is installed but I didnt understand what to make with the following paragraph described at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:StopForumSpam: "Once you choose the list you want, download and extract it to somewhere on your server, then point $wgSFSIPListLocation in the LocalSettings.php file at it. We recommend setting up a nightly cron job to download and extract new versions of the list and subsequently running the updateBlacklist maintenance script." How can I point towards the file and I also didnt find anything about a "nightly cron job"?! Thank you!
  2. We have set-up a MediaWiki for a non-profit project in research but we lack the expertise to protect the site against Spam. When I realised how much stuff is already there, I was really shocked and found a lot of information here. So I thought it should be pretty easy to protect the Wiki, but when I wanted to activate the extension StopForumSpam for example, the wiki would not load anymore and just give a blank page. I have changed the "cache-type" to "$wgMainCacheType = CACHE_DB;" and also tried it on another mock page. It would not work. I am also not able to activate other extensions such as Nuke or AbuseFilter or ConfirmEdit. Even though, I set-up the extensions EmbedVideo and PDFEmbed a while ago and that was not an issue and they are running fine. Hence, I think it is some kind of general problem with the site settings of the site, but unfortunately I am not an expert and I couldn't find any infos on this issue in the Forums. Has anybody an idea what the issue might be? I will also appreciate any hints what I could look for. Here is a link to the Wiki, in case it might help. The extensions are of course not activated and I have a hashtag infront of the "extension-activator-line" in the LocalSettings.php since the site would not work otherwise. Thank you!
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