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  1. I have a Mediawiki page with over 100 links (web pages). Out of that, about 7 of the links (web pages) are highlighted in "red color" and when I hover over those 7 links, I get message (Page does not exist). And indeed no content is found on these pages. I have imported the database from previous version of wiki (and imported images) and all the other webpages show content but these 7 webpages show "Page Does not exist" and highlighted in red color. I have the following settings: $wgMainCacheType = CACHE_NONE; $wgMemCachedServers = []; I am using in Windows server: MediaWiki 1.35.2 Apache 2.4.47 Win64 from Xampp mysql-8.0.23-winx64 (MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server) PHP 7.4.3 I have successfully inported the database, images, ran "update.php" and all the other web pages and images correctly show. The 7 web pages do not have any content and highlighted in red. can you please suggest what might be the reason?
  2. For an valid user account of wiki (e.g. Acct1), the reset password email is NOT getting received. I have the following settings in LocalSettings.php: $wgEnableEmail = true; $wgEnableUserEmail = true; # UPO $wgEnotifUserTalk = false; # UPO $wgEnotifWatchlist = true; # UPO $wgEmailAuthentication = true; I have an valid user account (e.g. Acct1) and that account was initialliy created by not entering any email, as email is optional for account creation. To reset password, the request was sent to gmail. Also attempted by trying to send the email to Microsoft Outlook. I checked the spam and other email folders, but no email was found. Is there any additional setting needed so that the email is received for resetting the password? I see the re-directed web page as below, but no email. I Reset password Jump to navigationJump to search You have a requested a password reset. If the information submitted is valid, a password reset email will be sent. If you haven't received an email, we recommend that you visit the reset password help page or try again later. You can only request a limited number of password resets within a short period of time. Only one password reset email will be sent per valid account every 24 hours in order to prevent abuse. The details you submitted are: · Username: Acct1 · Email address: mygmailwhateveritis@gmail.com Return to Mywikipage.
  3. As this was related to the upgrade of Wiki, I had to upodate PHP. Doing the PHP update using the information below solved the problem. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Upgrading#Web_updater
  4. I am using in Windows server: MediaWiki 1.35.2 Apache 2.4.47 Win64 from Xampp mysql-8.0.23-winx64 (MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server) PHP 7.4.3 I have sucessfully created a new account in wiki. After that, I get a page as: Your account has been created. You can change your aocwiki preferences if you wish. Return to Main Page. By clicking on "Main page", I can successfully edit the Wiki page. After that, I log out. Next, when I attempt to log in using the same account (which was created only a few minutes back) and I know the password, I get the error as: A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. [7f3afe2ec265c01f3b4b210d] 2021-06-11 20:21:25: Fatal exception of type "Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError" [2ada4ab1c4b9b4a87e568f81] /mywiki/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&returnto=My+Page Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError from line 1699 of D:\Xampp\htdocs\mywiki\includes\libs\rdbms\database\Database.php: A database query error has occurred. Did you forget to run your application's database schema updater after upgrading? Error 1146: Table 'wikidb.oathauth_users' doesn't exist (localhost) Function: MediaWiki\Extension\OATHAuth\OATHUserRepository::findByUser Query: SELECT * FROM `oathauth_users` WHERE id = 112 LIMIT 1
  5. I am using in Windows server: MediaWiki 1.35.2 Apache 2.4.47 Win64 from Xampp mysql-8.0.23-winx64 (MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server) PHP 7.4.3 In the source code of Mediawiki, I have code as below: <ul><li><a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="file://///networkwithaccess/myfolder/myfile.doc">This is my file</a></li> When I click on it, it does nothing, and certainly does not open/download the file (Microsoft-Word document). However, from the same machine (where I am trying to open it from mediawiki link), I can successfully open (download) the file by typing the following in the browser. When I type the following in the browser, the myfile.doc downloads file://networkwithaccess/myfolder/myfile.doc However, from the MediaWiki link, it does not download. The link in mediawiki shows it as a link (with a rectangle and arrow symbol at the end of the link). But clicking on it in Mediawiki does nothing. I also have the correct setting in LocalSettings.php as: # File Link Protocols configuration $wgUrlProtocols = array( 'http://', 'https://', 'ftp://', 'irc://', 'gopher://', 'telnet://', // Well if we're going to support the above.. -var 'nntp://', // @bug 3808 RFC 1738 'worldwind://', 'mailto:', 'file://', 'news:' ); array_push($wgUrlProtocols, "file://"); $wgPFEnableStringFunctions = true; In httpd.conf, I have: <Directory /> AllowOverride all Require all granted </Directory> My .htaccess is: <IfModule rewrite_module> RewriteEngine On RewriteOptions inherit # Fix for bug T64289 Options +FollowSymLinks </IfModule> I did NOT do anything else related to Template:Unc, nor I downloaded anything extra. All I have done is the above. Nor, I understand where to look for Template:Unc. Now, with the above setting, the file successfully downoads in Internet Explorer11, but it does NOT in Microsoft-Edge, Chrome, Mozilla browsers. In Chrome, when I click on that link, it gives the error in the developer console as: Not allowed to load local resource: I have also closed all the Chrome instances and opened a new instannce of Chrome browser using: chrome.exe –allow-file-access-from-files -disable-web-security But that did not help either. Can you please advise what I need to do to make this link download the file from MediaWiki? Or, does MediaWiki download it silently in a directory? I do not have any directory as such configured in the LocalSettings.php. But if it indeed downloads it silently in my local machine, how to verify from any settings? The MediaWiki runs in a different Windows server and I open it from a browser in my personal Windows machine. From my personal Windows machine, I can open the file from browser using the file:// syntax. On the contrary, from the personal machine, when I click on the link in MediaWiki, no download happens.
  6. I copied the files found in the image folder (again, as the past copy had missing files) and now I can see the images. I need to verify it more for additional images.
  7. I have a need to move MediaWiki (and also upgrade to the newer version) from an older Windows server to a newer Windows server. The older Windows server has MediaWiki 1.23.5 along with Apache 2.2, MySQL 5, and older version of PHP from 2010. In the newer in Windows server, I am installing: MediaWiki 1.35.2 Apache 2.4.47 Win64 from Xampp mysql-8.0.23-winx64 (MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server) PHP 7.4.3 (from Xampp) I got a dump of the SQL file from the older machine and successfullly imported that SQL into the MySQL of the newer machine. I configured MediaWiki in the new machine. After that, I had the wiki page served successfully in the new machine. I even manually copied the content from the old Windows machine from its folder D:\mywiki\images (copied all folders and subfolder except htaccess and readme) into new Windows machine into D:\Xampp\htdocs\mywiki\images. In the new machine, I made sure that the images directory has full control permission. However, I am having two issues. Issue 1: When the wiki page in the new Windows machine is served, it shows the thumnail of the image, but clicking on the thumbnail does not show the image. Are the images not a part of the SQL-dump? What do I need to do to get the images imported in the new Wiki server? Perhaps manual copy of the content from the images folder does not work. I stopped and started Apache, MySQl after copy and tried to access the image and the images are not visible. Issue 2: In some of the content I see see the path of the file e.g. [file://mynetworkname/directory1/file1.html ] after the link. The original (still hosting the older/original wiki) does not show the path. What do I need to do to not show this type of file path?
  8. What do I need to do to make all the wiki pages being served from (fake domain with http) of http://myfakedomain.org (instead of http://mymachinename:8082)? I want to test it out till I purchase the real certificate and domain. I want to figure out what changes need to be made to make it happen. In other words, instead of all the URLs starting as: http://mymachinename:8082/mywiki/index.php/Main_Page/ I want all the URLs to start as: http://myfakedomain.org/mywiki/index.php/Main_Page/ I am using in Windows server: MediaWiki 1.35.2 Apache 2.4.47 Win64 from Xampp mysql-8.0.23-winx64 (MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server) PHP 7.4.3 (from Xampp) This is what I have done: httpd.conf: Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf Listen 8082 ServerName myfakedomain.org <Directory /> AllowOverride all Require all granted </Directory> D:\Xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf <VirtualHost *:8082> DocumentRoot "D:/Xampp/htdocs/mywiki" ServerName myfakedomain.org </VirtualHost> In [b]LocalSettings.php[/b], I have: $wgServer = "myfakedomain.org"; In C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts: myfakedomain.org With the above settings, my web page does not get served from http://myfakedomain.org/mywiki/index.php/Main_Page What changes, or additional settings do I need?
  9. Please help so that I can export MySQL database from prior MediaWiki into a new Windows machine where I need to install Mediawiki and import the prior MySQL database. In other words, a new Windows machine needs to be used where Mediawiki will be installed, but I need to export the old MySQLdatabase from the old Windows machine to the new Windows machine. I have installed XAmpp in the new Windows machine and I ahve configured Apache and MySQL in the new Windows machine. I also created a new database (with name newmediawiki) in MySQL. However, importing the old MySQL database into the new database is "not working". The old database is about 1.5GB and after zip it is about 250 MB. I have done the necessary settings to increse the timeout, file size etc in Xampp. Following are the steps I took: Downloaded and installed xampp-windows-x64-7.4.16-0-VC15-installer, as the latest mediaWiki can only support up to PhP 7.4 Created a new database using Xampp control panel with name newmediawiki In C:\Xampp\php.ini, changed following to a higher limit: max_execution_time = max_input_time = memory_limit = post_max_size = upload_max_filesize = In C:\Xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini changed: max_allowed_packet=999M max_allowed_packet=64M In J:\Xampp\phpMyAdmin\libraries\config.default.php changed: $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 0; (so that there is no time limit) Restart Apache and MySQL in Xampp I had the priormediawikidb (exported from prior media wiki) saved in my C:\mediawiki, and saved it as zip, and another copy as sql extension (as I tried with both the formats). The priormediawikidb is 1.5 GB. I tried exporting priormediawikidb into the newmediawiki using both Control panel of Xampp and from the command line, but with no success. When I try the control panel, I get an error shown on the Control panel as "Please be patient", so it was of no use and it probably gets stale. I tried the following (tried with both sql extension and zip extension) from the command line as follows: C:\Xampp\mysql\bin>mysql -u root newmediawikidb < "C:\mediaWiki\priormediawikidb.sql" Also, tried (by changing the format of file from sql to zip) as: C:\Xampp\mysql\bin>mysql -u root newmediawikidb < "C:\mediaWiki\priormediawikidb.zip" By running from the command line (with both zip format and sql format) no error was thrown in the command line and I got the command line prompt back. I restarted Apache and MySQL, refreshed the PHP/MySQL browser (http://localhost:8082/phpmyadmin/), but I do NOT see the prior tables imported into newmediawiki. The command prompt successfully returns but I do not see the tables into newmediawikidb. The mysql_error.log does not give any information. The prior MySQL was of version 5.0.27 if that matters. I will appreciate any help. I do not see anything meaningful in any log file to troubleshoot. ----------- Would you rather suggest that I install Apache and MySQL (without using Xampp) and try to export the old MySQL into the new MySQL?
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