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  1. Hey guys, I'm having some trouble getting an OAuth2 client to work with MediaWiki. The install is stock standard, and I have full access to my web server. I had an oauth2 client working with DokuWiki, so the oauth API server and Discord are configured correctly. My gut feeling is that I'm confusing the namespaces or similar in MediaWiki? Any ideas? ```$wgOAuth2Client['client']['id'] = ''; // The client ID assigned to you by the provider (By whom? My API provider?) $wgOAuth2Client['client']['secret'] = ''; // The client secret assigned to you by the provider $wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['authorize_endpoint'] = ''; // Authorization URL $wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['access_token_endpoint'] = ''; // Token URL (?) $wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['api_endpoint'] = ''; // URL to fetch user JSON (I assume this is my API provider, not directly via Discord?) $wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['redirect_uri'] = ''; // URL for OAuth2 server to redirect to (I've seen conflicting info about this setting?) $wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['username'] = 'username'; // JSON path to username (Can't find info about where these are located, relative to the current version of mediawiki) $wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['email'] = 'email'; // JSON path to email $wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['scopes'] = 'openid email profile'; //Permissions (I assume this can be skipped/removed for oauth2 only authentication?) ```
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