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  1. Installed XAMPP to G:/Server/ Installed Mediawiki. Not sure I can get to it again. File paths G:/Server/ So where did Mediawiki get installed? G:/Server/htcdocs/apps/mediawiki ? Http://localhost/wiki does in fact navigate to my wiki. So, yay? Success? Is this secure enough to use on an offline thumbdrive? I was reading instructions from Lifehacker to do this and it says to move LocalSettings.config.php to G:/xampp/htcdocs/wiki/LocalSettings.php I am confused. Do I still need to do this? How could I have done this install better? If I install other server modules like Joomla in the future and it also makes me just install to G:/Server/ again I imagine I will have file spaghetti. Or does it automatically route them into G:/Server/htcdocs/apps/ ?
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