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  1. Hi there, I finally found some guidance using a template and breakdown at the post located here; https://stackoverflow.com/a/48122703 That got me going enough to where things made sense for me to feel my way around it. Only thing I couldn't seem to figure out was how to make the person's age automatically update when it's their birthday. I'm not sure what it is with support communities and infoboxes. No one wants to touch it with a 20-foot pole. I either got the runaround or no response at all everywhere I asked. I hope this gets you going in the right direction, Friend.
  2. Could a kind soul offer a how-to (for dummies) on how to get infoboxes setup and configured on a brand new Mediawiki installation? Version 1.36.1, PHP 7.4. I feel like I can handle this with a more simplistic breakdown than the mediawiki/org tutorial. Any other attempts I've found by people to offer a kinder step-by-step are outdated. Would be much appreciated.
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