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  1. Hello dear friends! I have been trying for a long time without success to work with a model screen 4 "TFT SPI 480X320 V1.0 This screen also has a socket for the SD card and a parallel SPI connection I can not activate the screen with a touch called from a memory card when All connected in parallel together I connect on board UNO pin 13 CLK to T_CLK and SD_SLK all together, I connect MISO to pin 12 in UNO together with SD_MISO I connect MOSI to pin 11 in UNO together with SD_MOSI For each CS (CHIP CELECT) I give a pin (LCD_CS for pin A5 in UNO, T_CD for pin 2 in UNO, SD_CS for pin 7 in UNO) In SETUP I set each pin in digitalWrite (HIGH) Unfortunately, I can not get a response from touch and can not get a MAP of an image from an SD card Is it not possible to connect to a parallel SPI connection with this monitor? Or is it? Thanks in advance for your help,
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