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  1. In order to upgrade my wiki, I downloaded the latest version of MediaWiki, extracted it, and entered the DB information correctly. I clicked the Next button because a DB migration was required, and I received the following error. An error occurred: A database query error has occurred. Did you forget to run your application's database schema updater after upgrading? Query: SELECT rev_id,rev_user,rev_user_text,CASE WHEN rev_user = 0 OR rev_user IS NULL THEN (SELECT actor_id FROM `mw_actor` WHERE (rev_user_text = actor_name) ) ELSE (SELECT actor_id FROM `mw_actor` WHERE (rev_user = actor_user) ) END AS `actor_id`,rev_timestamp AS `revactor_timestamp`,rev_page AS `revactor_page` FROM `mw_revision` LEFT JOIN `mw_revision_actor_temp` ON ((rev_id=revactor_rev)) WHERE revactor_rev IS NULL ORDER BY rev_id LIMIT 100 Function: MigrateActors::migrateToTemp Error: 1146 Table 'mywiki.mw_revision_actor_temp' doesn't exist (localhost) What can I do? My MediaWiki's versions is 1.32.3. + I execute update.php in ./maintenance/
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