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  1. Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to find out which extension is use for a specific thing. I have naviguate a lot on wikipedia and sometimes I found some functionality that I would like to implement on my mediawiki. For exemple in : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivalité_entre_l'Angleterre_et_l'Argentine_en_football#Articles_connexes I would like to know what extension is use to make the display/hide of the green block. If you have an idea or solutions, it could be really helpfull. Thanks by advance.
  2. Hi, We are new with MediaWiki and it seems to be the perfect solution to set up a private wiki for our company. All our users are managed with G-Suite with a specific domain name, so we are hoping to use the GoogleLogin extension to restrict user with email based on our domain. I have set up a fresh install of MediaWiki on a subdomain of our server. I have installed Extension:GoogleLogin by following the steps in the extension documentation. I updated the settings in the LocalSettings.php file with the following: $wgGLSecret = 'XXXXX'; $wgGLAppId = 'XXXX'; $wgGLAllowedDomainsDB = true; $wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false; $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['managegooglelogindomains'] = true; $wgWhitelistRead = array( 'Special:GoogleLoginReturn' ); Then I ran the update.php script From there I have three questions: 1/ When I go to my special pages, I can now see the Manage GoogleLogin connections and Log in with Google pages, but can't find the Special:GoogleLoginAllowedDomains like described in the documentation. When I try to load this page, I am landing on the No such special page. So I can't access the settings to restrict the domain.... what did I miss or did wrong? 2/ Is that true that we need to ask each staff member to go activate their Google+ profile in order to use the Google Login Authentification on the wiki? What happen if they never configure their Google+ profile? 3/ I am currently the only user of the wiki. What's the best way to import all the G-Suite users into the Wiki User database to give them all access to it? Thank you in advance for your support.
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