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Found 3 results

  1. I am using parsoid from cli using `php parsoid/bin/parse.php --wt2html --integrated --inputfile file`. I checked the code and there are 2 modes, --integrated and --standalone. What is the difference between both? --standalone had some errors, for that I had to add some classes to vendor/autoload.php but it is slower (and causes http 429 error when i try to parse ~100 files).
  2. I am trying to convert wikitext data dump of en wikipedia to html and I used "php parsoid/bin/parse.php --standalone --wt2html --inputfile <file>" to convert wikitext to html. I am separating tables but a lot of tables have Template:<template name>strings instead of the actual value. For example, all citations are converted to Template:cite. I used a container available on aws marketplace from bitnami for mediawiki and called the above mentioned command as a subprocess from inside a python script. What am I doing wrong or is that something I can do to replace that with actual values. I have attached a sample pdf which is converted from the html (After some preprocessing and with html) the table is from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_language Thank you 90_Hungarian language_79_1_chrome.pdf
  3. MediaWiki Version: 1.30 PHP Version: 5.6.38 (litespeed) Website: en.en.penguingamestudio.com/mw19/ Hello. I have been working on a wiki family similar to Wikimedia Foundation, and I experienced several problems. My third wiki, English Penguingame Studio, failed gracefully with the following messages: "It is not possible to determine the wiki ID." I set up the database and everything, yet I still get the same message. The main wiki is at penguinicewikis.com. How can I fix this on my wiki?
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