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Serve all wiki pages from a fake domain in http e.g. myfakedomain.org (instead of mymachinename:8082)



What do I need to do to make all the wiki pages be served from (fake domain with http) of myfakedomain.org (instead of mymachinename:8082)?

I want to test it out till I purchase the real certificate and domain. I wan to test out what needs to be done to serve all the wiki fakes from myfakedomain.org instead of mymachinename:8082

In other words, instead of all the URLs starting as:


I want all the URLs to start as:



I am using in Windows server:

MediaWiki 1.35.2
Apache 2.4.47 Win64 from Xampp
mysql-8.0.23-winx64 (MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server)
PHP 7.4.3 (from Xampp)

In httpd.conf, my current setting is:
I attempted by replacing with the one below but with that the server start throws exception:

That did not work.

I added another line as:
ServerAlias = myfakedomain.org
That did not work either and threw exception in the startup of Apache.

The Apache 2.4.47 Win64 does not have in httpd.conf entries such as <VirtualHost *:80>

However, I attempted by adding the one below in httpd.conf but that throws exception on the startup of Apache. 

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerName mymachinename
   Redirect /mywiki/ http://myfakkedomain/mywiki/

Do I need to also change something else in Localsettings.php (alsong with httpd.conf)?

What do I need to do to make all the wiki pages be served from the domain of myfakedomain.org (instead of mymachinename:8082)?

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