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Not receiving email to reset password for a valid user account of Wiki (Tried gmail, Microsoft outlook)



For an valid user account of wiki (e.g. Acct1), the reset password email is NOT getting received. 

I have the following settings in LocalSettings.php:
$wgEnableEmail = true;
$wgEnableUserEmail = true; # UPO

$wgEnotifUserTalk = false; # UPO
$wgEnotifWatchlist = true; # UPO
$wgEmailAuthentication = true;

I have an valid user account (e.g. Acct1) and that account was initialliy created by not entering any email, as email is optional for account creation. To reset password, the request was sent to gmail. Also attempted by trying to send the email to Microsoft Outlook. I checked the spam and other email folders, but no email was found. 

Is there any additional setting needed so that the email is received for resetting the password? 


I see the re-directed web page as below, but no email. I 

Reset password

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You have a requested a password reset.

If the information submitted is valid, a password reset email will be sent. If you haven't received an email, we recommend that you visit the reset password help page or try again later. You can only request a limited number of password resets within a short period of time. Only one password reset email will be sent per valid account every 24 hours in order to prevent abuse.

The details you submitted are:

·        Username: Acct1

·        Email address: mygmailwhateveritis@gmail.com

Return to Mywikipage.



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Yes, you need a valid working email setup for most email providers to not outright reject emails from you. This is largely outside the scope of wiki management and in the scope of general server management.

  1. Set up SPF records in your DNS to let providers know which servers are authorized to send email from your domain
  2. Ensure your IP address is not listed in any DNS blacklists, and if it is, go through the processes of those lists to get it delisted
  3. Set up MX records in your DNS so that you can receive bounce emails which contain further details of rejections
  4. In MediaWiki, configure the outgoing email address appropriately

With all of those set up, check system logs to ensure that the mails are being accepted and sent onwards. If they are, checking for bounce replies is helpful to see why something is rejected. Otherwise check firewalls and other things that may block connectivity. If you are attempting to send email from a home server, it is possible your ISP is implementing blocking of their own and you may need a completely different setup (such as connecting to a remote SMTP server to send email).

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