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Note to MediaWiki admins


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I was just browsing the "Talk:Talk pages consultation 2019/Phase 1 report" page (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:Talk_pages_consultation_2019/Phase_1_report) and spotted more than a few spelling and/or grammatical errors in "Once upon a time…"'s first paragraph. More than you'd expect a reasonably literate American user to commit. I thought that either this was an unusually careless typist or maybe a non-American who was not well practiced in the language yet. I was going to fix the errors but it then occurred to me that maybe this was meant to serve as an example of poor language skills and any errors found in this paragraph should NOT be fixed. I then got momentarily sidetracked by something else, returning to my computer a couple of hours later. Much to my surprise I found most of the errors already corrected, with only four still existing. I checked the version history and verified that the article was edited by someone a couple of hours earlier. But then I thought, "Suppose the Wikipedia administrators want to include a piece of text in an article that should stand "as is" and not allow editing by users? How would they prevent editing of the error-filled paragraph? Is there already a function for this? If not, I really should try to contact them to let them know about this omission. But how? I see no contact info anywhere that would let me drop a note to an admin." So I'm trying to do that this way. BTW, my name is not listed in the 'Please find your name in this report' section, nor would I expect it to be. I'm not working for Wikipedia or any of its offshoots. My Wikipedia username is Moodie-1. If, by chance, you're not a Wikipedia admin then please redirect this note to one, if possible.

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You can always include a comment in the wiki markup. Comments are not shown on the page itself, but are visible when editing. Comments begin with <!-- and end with -->


<!-- This is a comment that will be displayed while editing, but not visible in the page itself.
You can use this to leave notes for editors. -->


If you see typos by a different user on a talk page, it's usually poor etiquette to modify someone else's comments. A talk page is used for discussion about a page, and are generally held to different standards compared to mainspace pages.

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add note about etiquette (see edit history)
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