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Moderator applications open


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I'm looking for a volunteer moderator or two in order to assist with managing the site. I'm looking to have someone for the times I'm not available (due to sleeping and whatnot), so applicants outside of the Western US are preferred.

Your duties include:

  • Flagging/banning any spammers that slip through the spam filters.
  • Approving content held for moderation (posts by guest/logged-out users require moderator approval before being shown).
  • Helping out with other site duties, at your discretion and leisure. For example, updating the Announcements blog or adding new guides to the Manuals section.

In return, you get a swanky blue title underneath your avatar and my eternal gratitude :)

Apply at https://mwusers.org/modapps/1117. Applications close on November 30.


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