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Simple Infobox

Guest Charles-François Dallaire


Guest Charles-François Dallaire


I'm having a little issue where I try to create a simple infobox just to facilitate the insertion of information in a local wiki in the enterprise I work at.

The MediaWiki version installed is 1.29.1 from the latest Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

The Infobox : 

|Contact_Name=John Smith

It's code :

{{#if:    {{{Company}}}          |     {{Company|{{{Company}}}|}}            |  {{blank}} }}
{{#if:    {{{Contact_Name}}}     |     {{Contact_Name|{{{Contact_Name}}}|}}  |  {{blank}} }}
{{#if:    {{{Contact_Tel}}}      |     {{Contact_Tel|{{{Contact_Tel}}}|}}    |  {{blank}} }}
{{#if:    {{{Contact_Mobile}}}   |     {{Contact_Mobile|{{{Contact_Mobile}}}|}}  |  {{blank}} }}
{{#if:    {{{Contact_Email}}}    |     {{Contact_Email|{{{Contact_Email}}}|}}|  {{blank}} }}
{{#if:    {{{Contact_SupportedSoftware}}}     |     {{Contact_SupportedSoftware|{{{Contact_SupportedSoftware}}}|}}  |  {{blank}} }}

The output desired :

:John Smith
:Supported Software:

And the output I get : 

{{#if: Internationnal | Internationnal | }} {{#if: John Smith |

John Smith | }}
{{#if: xxx-xxx-xxxx |

xxx-xxx-xxxx | }}
{{#if: xxx-xxx-xxxx |

xxx-xxx-xxxx | }}
{{#if: john.smith@inter |

john.smith@inter| }}
{{#if: |

| }}

If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info i'll be happy to give them.



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