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grouping groups.



is it possible to have 1 group that imports multipul group permissions

for example:

Sales_Manager = Sales_M & Sales

Sales_Dept = Sales

so that everyone in sales department group has read access to all the documentation they need.

but the Sales managers have this access plus edit permissions and also access to aditional documentation

I am using the extension "Restrict access by category and group" to group pages by categories and makingthem private. BUT i have to edit each user 1 by 1 and add them to all the corosponding categories.

at the moment i have 12 private categories and 30 users.

the 30 users could be grouped into 6 departments requireing access to certain categories based on their department

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I'm not familiar with that extension or how it operates, but I can give some insight into MediaWiki's permissions model in a nutshell:

  1. Various actions within the wiki are restricted to users who possess certain permissions.
  2. Permissions are granted to or revoked from groups.
  3. A user belongs to one or more groups.
  4. If any of the groups a user belongs to is granted the permission and none of the groups a user belongs to has revoked the permission, the user is allowed to perform that action.

The ability to revoke permissions is probably used in less than 1% of wikis and not really applicable to most use cases, so we can simply point 4 to "If any of the groups a user belongs to is granted the permission, the user is allowed to perform that action."

If the extension you mention is based on the normal permissions framework, then you'd have one permission needed for Sales and one permission for Sales Manager. You'd need two groups as well, a Sales group (with only the Sales permission), and a Sales Manager group (with both the Sales and Sales Manager permissions). Then a user only needs to belong to one group which incorporates all the permissions they need.

If the extension is looking at specific groups rather than using the normal permissions framework, then unfortunately there is no way to have one group "belong" to another group. You will have to add the user to all of the appropriate groups. A user can belong to more than one group without issue.

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