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Professional Services

Advertise or request professional services related to MediaWiki here, for pay only.

Professional Services Rules

These rules apply to the Professional Services forum:

  1. New threads must select the appropriate tag prefix depending on whether you are requesting services (REQUEST) or advertising services (AD).
  2. Threads must be for pay only. This means you are willing to either pay someone real money to do something for you, or are selling your services for real money.
  3. All new threads must be approved by a moderator before they are shown to other users. Moderators have the right to reject a thread for any reason.
  4. Do not post replies in a thread unless you are seriously interested in the offer. For example, replies stating that you are interested or that you need more information about some topic is fine, but replies mocking the work to be done or rejecting it due to too high or low of a price are not welcome.
  5. All work done as a result of this forum is a private contract between the directly involved parties and does not include MediaWiki Users. MediaWiki Users is not liable for any work done or not done as a result of the use of this platform.
  6. Completed requests or withdrawn requests will be locked, preventing further replies. If you are the original poster, please use the report feature or make a reply in the thread to request a lock as needed.

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