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With over a decade of experience with MediaWiki development, the MediaWiki Users staff offers professional services for hire. We specialize in server maintenance (installing and upgrading MediaWiki including setting up ancillary services such as the webserver, database, and backups) and extension development in the following areas:

  • Authentication and authorization, integrating MediaWiki into your company's existing auth system.
  • Permission setup, to ensure that everyone has access only to what they are supposed to.
  • Updating abandoned extensions to work with modern versions of MediaWiki.
  • Implementing custom business processes into MediaWiki, such as enforcing a consistent styling of page content.
  • Automatically updating on-wiki content based on data pulled from external sources.
  • And more!

In addition, we offer competitive ongoing support plans which give you a direct line to our staff where we will professionally and courteously assist you with your MediaWiki issues, no matter how troublesome it may be.

For more information, including pricing, please see our storefront. You can get free estimates for project costs by sending a support ticket; do that by clicking here and choosing "Pre-Sales Questions" from the drop-down.

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Hi. We are making now the mods of some Polish wikis and we need volunteers who can help us to finish implemetations and fix some technical problems with several scripts errors, site personalisation and visibility of some pages. You can see our work on http://wedapedia.pl (mod of Polish Wikipedia). We want to build effective team and develop our wikis without cenzorship and political impact what makes place in Poland. We want to create real free, independent and reliable wikis. Who wanna join us and start new challenge in the wiki world? For fixing most important scripts problems we can pay little bit gratifications up 100-200$.

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