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request MediaWiki application using weekly uploaded files


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Aaushi is a medical application of 30 years development that I use in my clinical practice as an internist and geriatrician. For the past 8 years, Aaushi has been published weekly on the web at www.anvita.info/wiki developed as a MediaWiki application. This site is no longer functional. Colleagues have been asking me when I will get the website back up. Four tab delimited text files (compressed) were uploaded weekly to a server that hosted a MediWiki application. I have since left the company that hosted the server, but have retained the copyright for the underlying software as a condition of my employment. I do not have the code that generates the MediaWiki site, nor do I have any experience setting up a server or website. What I do have are four tab delimited text files with pseudo html markup wrapping items for highlight/hyperlink. The files are generated weekly and contain all necessary information to generate ~92,000 pages. The website will be free without registration or log on. Editing of pages will not be permitted since new files are uploaded weekly, and there is no need for back up other than the core generic code needed to receive the files and execute the application. This offer is for an  initial contract of $10,000 with additional payments contingent upon the initial work.

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در ۱۳۹۸/۴/۱ در ساعت ۲۳:۳۱ ، آشحی گفت:


اطلاعات تماس Aaushi برای همراهی با درخواست خدمات ارائه شده (11 ژوئن 2019).



I could help

Please keep in touch with my email. 


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