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Can I create isolated sub-branches?



I created a wiki site using miraheze for a project with several independent groups who will create an individual wiki that I need to monitor the progress of. The problem I am facing is that group articles keep colliding with one another. So if group A makes a page called "Focus Group" then group B would have to make a differently named page or it would link back to group A page. Since each group will have over 100 articles this will become a nightmare for the 10+ groups to manage. 

I tried using namespaces, however, this did not accomplish my intended result as now a page would be "GroupA:Focus Group", "GroupB:Focus Group". I was hoping the namespaces would create more of a separate branch, so a link to "Focus Group" would go to the focus group page within the namespace. Apparently that is not the case (or I am doing something wrong).

At this point it seems like the best solution would be to just create separate wikis for each of the groups, however, that will add a LOT of time to function as an admin for 10+ wiki pages independently. Is there a better solution???

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Namespaces are generally the recommended way of going about this. As you've discovered, you do need to specify the namespace in each link, however. There is no way to avoid this without an extension, although you can work around it by using a template that auto-fills the current namespace instead of directly using link markup.

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