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Can I use the MediaWiki software as an Offline?


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While MediaWiki could be used for all of those things (although you'd need to likely create some custom extensions for your use cases), it is definitely not designed or intended to be any of those things.

MediaWiki is best used for a collaborative environment where users can work together on creating pages/articles for some purpose. It has been used for encyclopedias, documentation, guides, how-tos, and knowledgebases. Others use it as a general-purpose content management system, although that sort of setup requires a lot of effort.

See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Deciding_whether_to_use_a_wiki_as_your_website_type to determine if a wiki is right for what you want to do. For your three examples, my opinion is that a wiki is not the correct software to use for all of them -- use apps designed for that purpose instead.

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Not sure about the 2nd one but as you may know Wikipedia is an encyclopedia made up of different pages. Mediawiki is the underlying software, and is a very basic text editor. You can create different pages that link to each other, or even link to specific sections (headings). I don't know about the 2nd thing though, you should look at MW itself and see if you make it fit your needs, YMMV.

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